Your “No, We’re Not Gonna Do F***in’ Stonehenge!” Wednesday Night Open Thread Tonight and tomorrow night are Manhattanhenge, a twice-yearly phenomenon (once in the spring, once in the summer) where the setting sun aligns perfectly with the Manhattan street grid. It looks something… like-a this. It's enough of a nerdy curiosity that it's right up my alley! So of course I've never successfully

House of Pain with Senor Weaselo: Kiss the Curb

Haldo, we're back by not-that-popular demand! I'm still Senor Weaselo, and this is still House of Pain where I eat hot sauces normal sane people probably shouldn't, because I'm neither normal nor sane! Last time I went on about the hot sauce that started this whole shebang many years ago. This time

Your “Free Oakley” NY Rangers NHL Playoff Preview

(Yeah, wrong team at MSG, but whatever.) 2016-17 record: 48-28-6 (21-16-4 home, 27-12-2 away, 3-4 shootout), 102 pts (4th in the Metropolitan Division, 1st Wild Card) Goals For: 256 (4th) Goals Against: 220 (13th Goal Differential: +36 (5th) Another year, another Rangers team makes the playoffs with a 100+ point season, woo, 3 years in

House of Pain with Senor Weaselo: Origins

We remember our first tastes of things fondly. Our first bite into what becomes our favorite dish. Our first sip of what becomes our favorite new drink. Our first hit of that sweet primo shit that makes you feel… wait a minute. Sorry, I digressed. Um, Senor Weaselo here, Yeah