TGISF… aka Your “Vicious Cycle” Sexy Friday Open Thread

Ahhhh, the first weekend of Summer.  Long days.  Plenty of time for summer activities. So I've decided that peppered in here and there, among other timely themes over the next several weeks/months, will be themes pertaining to summer activities. This week?  Hot Chicks on Bicycles. Why?  BECAUSE I SAID SO!!!!! And also.....because I've recently

TGISF…aka “¡Oh Dios mío! Sólo el Béisbol y el Golf?” Sexy Friday Open Thread

So what should our theme be this week?  Wednesday was Flag Day, so I considered doing the USA/Red,White,Blue/Stars n Stripes type thingy.  But that would just shit on Independence Day in a few weeks.  You know, kinda the way "Independence Day: Resurgence" shat on last year's Independence Day. Jeebus that movie

TGISF…aka “Better A Nerd Than One Of The Herd” Sexy Friday Open Thread

In spite of how it might sometimes appear around here, you know at around 7pm Eastern each Friday.....   It's actually a fact that I prefer the company of a woman who is intelligent. OK Vlad, you can stop laughing any time now....I'll wait.....  jerk. But I'm actually very serious, truth be told. 

TGISF…aka Your “There’s Sand In My Crack, But That’s OK” Sexy Friday Open Thread

Perhaps the most timely/most accurate TGISF title I've ever penned. This week's TGISF is going to be a little bare bones maybe, depending on the Venice Beach weather the next few days.  Right now, it's cloudy and rainy outside.  Which is the only reason I'm inside right now, typing this.  When

TGISF…aka Your “I Dyed For Your Sins” Sexy Friday Open Thread

Yeah, you think you know what that title means, don't you? Hehehe...we'll see. - So Let's Talk About This Jesus Dude As I mentioned at Christmas, I'm an agnostic, at best.  But I still rationalize celebrating this Jesus' life.  Dude was freaking awesome. Tell 'em Jesus.... OK, ok, settle down there buddy.  I thought we were