Go West, Young Chip

Wellllllll.... this should be interesting... Charles E. "Chip" Kelly has accepted the position of head coach of the Santa Clara San Francisco 49ers. I mean, when your team president and noted thin-skinned dickbag Jed York couldn't get along with noted successful sociopath and discount khaki enthusiast Jim Harbaugh, it's a brilliant idea to

Live from San Francisco: A Super Bowl 50 Update

*TV static crackles* We interrupt this current broadcast to bring you this important breaking news. Our field reporter on the West Coast, the illustrious Beerguyrob, has sent us this disturbing imagery directly from the historic Pier One, in downtown San Francisco. We received it late last night, and after several hours of

NFL Speakeasy Stories: History Repeating

Wilson & Wilson, The Tenderloin. 2:47 am, September 30, 2015. A man sits alone in the center booth of the bar-within-a-bar, waiting patiently for his appointment. From the Bayou to the Bay, it had been less that 17 hours since his colleague (well, former colleague these days, he supposed) called and asked that

Filling in the Cracks

As this site is picking up steam, it's easy to let things fall through the cracks. So whip out that caulk and fill those gaps. Ravens - The Ravens have denied reports that they were the ones who tipped off the Colts who in turn tipped off the NFL execs about