Instant Hippo Thoughts and Wild Card 4 of 6, Bitches! Game Thread

There were three fixtures played yesterday.  Well, two fixtures and a woodchipper feeding. [Closed Captioning for the Hard of Hippo provided by the Church of the Immaculate Deception, Rev. E. Mayhem] Humps [Colts] and Bills [Wooooooo!] was actually quite compelling.  [Woooooooooooo!] You had two analytics-friendly coaches, who had the bollocks that

A Breaking Announcement

Now, I could be down in Pittsburgh with the Yinzbergians. ::Crown Groans:: Or giving a stump speech in Cincinnati, oh-Hi-Oh. ::Crowd Groans Louder:: I've even been approached to come down to give a speech and...AND...accept the key to the city, from the people of CLEVELAND. ::Crowd Boos:: Because they think that, just because they vote before you, that

Today, We Are All Ratbirds: A Post-Bye Ravens Cry For Action

With the Arizona defeating the Minnesota Vikings on Thursday Night Football, the Cardinals have clinched a playoff birth and sit with a magic number of one to clinch the NFC West title. Having already accomplished their third consecutive 10-win season, locking down the division is especially important as, playing second (or

Start Or Sit (On Your Face): The DFO Fantasy/Sex Mailbag

Mmmm. Tryptophan. A hell of a drug. Hope everybody enjoyed their Thanksgivings yesterday, and kept the hand-to-hand combat to a minimum between yesterday's family gatherings and today's moronic Black Friday deals! Anyways, enough shoehorning topical #content into the intro. We need to talk essentials here. My takeaways from yesterday's matchups: Chip