BattleBots Beat: Cue Lazer Light Show! Catscratch was an underrated show and deserved more than one season. DON'T AT ME. (Unfortunately Doug TenNapel… yeah.) Welcome back to the Beat! Last time, there was salt, and anger, and arguably the worst win of the season, by a bot that I currently have as a top 3 seed! The

BattleBots Beat: Oh Great, More Salt

Welcome back to the Beat, now back at its regular time assuming I get this done in time! Eh, I should be fine. Anyway, last week we watched Chomp walk, which made it the second robot of the week to have no wheels because Tombstone sliced Slap Box's off. This

BattleBots Beat: When Titans Collide

Everyone still standing? Good. Welcome back to the Beat, the leading BattleBots wall o'text that gets written and formatted the day before because it's important to put the pro in procrastination! Anyway last week was the premiere, where Fusion nearly achieved it, Malice still didn't do the D-X Crotch Chop, and

BattleBots Beat: Welcome to BubbleBots

Ladies, gentlemen, non-binary friends, lizard people… we made it. Welcome back to the Beat. I am once again your friendly Senor Weaselo here to once again take you down the rabbit hole that is 250-lb. robots beating the ever-loving fuck out of each other for our entertainment. And their builders' entertainment, for

BattleBots Beat: 2020 Updates

Yes, we have fighting robots. There is much rejoicing. The 2020 season of BattleBots, delayed by *points to globe* all this shit is up and running. It won't be as grand as originally expected back in April, again due to *points to globe again* all this shit, but there are robots