Your “More Like ‘Sneakers At The Beer Garden'” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

Banner photo by Daniel Berman/ NFL Nuggets: First game of the season, and the first officiating error against the Saints. As most of you watched, prior to the half the refs pulled an accounting error in calculating when to do the 10-second runoff, forcing the Saints to hurry their field goal

Request Line: Boots on the Ground

INT. RECORDING STUDIO - DAY A disappointed-looking PRODUCER is seated in front of the console, talking on the phone. PRODUCER: ...and of course I'm not a doctor Mr. Brown but I really don't think more cryotherapy is the answer. ANTONIO BROWN: [inaudible] PRODUCER: [sighs] Well, yes, your football career really must come first.  I guess

Your 4th of July Day Open Thread & Commentist Beer Barrel: Boots On The Ground – San Diego International Beer Festival 2018

Heyyyy, happy 4th of July, folks! Low Commander here to dust off the old Beer Barrel and hopefully wet your whistles for the incredible day of BBQing, blowing shit up and straight up shameless DRANKIN'. 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays, (mostly because I am not a