Cabin Fever – Canadian edition

HOST: Welcome everyone, to an other edition of “Quarantining Today.” I’m your host, [name redacted], and we’re checking in with some of our favoUrite DFO contributors to see how they’re coping with the societal changes that the novel coronavirus pandemic has brought into their lives. With me today are BC Dick,

Your Middle of the Night The Cure Live Disintegration Show from Sydney Live Blog

Kyle Broflovski was right: For those of you that don't know, The Cure has been in Australia playing their album "Disintegration" from beginning to end as part of the 30th anniversary of its release. Since they don't want to play the same show EVERY place they visit this year, they are live-streaming

Final thoughts: The 2018 World Cup comes to an end

The dust has been settled, the alcohol from Sunday has finally worn off and the teams have gone home. It's time for some concluding thoughts about this World Cup. Where do you rank this World Cup? Balls: I've said it before,  but I honestly think it's the Best World Cup EVAR! I've