Donks 2018 – Welcome to SWAG World

That's right, baby.  Ain't nobody more popular than the backup QB, especially when he's the redneck nephew of Jim Kelly, who somehow managed to get kicked out of fucking Clemson yet be 10 times smarter than functional illiterate Paxton Lynch.  Anyway, here's the delightful Brandon Perna to take you through Swag

Long Donks March Back To Relevance

This will serve as your 2017 Denver Broncos preview.  Much has changed, whilst much has stayed the same. First and foremost, the unequivocally positive change, as history's most grievous injustice has been righted.  Terrell Davis (as pictured) is now a member of pro footy's Hall of Fame!  Words cannot describe how

Denver at the 2016 Bye (No Ofence)

Like, literally. And Mile High Sanchize ain't comin' through that door, he's fat, dumb, and happy as the Future NFC Champion Dallas Cowboys' backup clipboard holder. The OL is, indeed, a fatal flaw. RT play has been the absolute bottom of the barrel, and LG not much better.

Wading Toward a Repeat?

Yes, it is my great pride and privilege to recap your 2017, DEFENDING SUPERB OWL L CHAMPION (nevar gets old saying that) Denver Broncos. If there has ever been a more extreme case of "playing with house money," it escapes my feeble, aged mind. Let's recap, shall we. The 2016 Donks