Go Home, Fate, You’re Drunk: 2019 Detroit Lions at the Bye

[INTERIOR, STAGE WITH CLOSED CURTAIN. From offstage, muffled and slurred shouts are heard, mostly inaudible but include variations on "Not goin' outthere!" and "You an whose army, cock-knocker?"] [Eventually, REVEREND MAYHEM is shoved through the curtain and stumbles into frame, one hand clutching a bottle of brown liquid labeled "JJ Fozz

Pissing Up God’s Flagpole: Your 2019 Detroit Lions Preview

[Author's Note: So this is it. The End. The final preview before the NFL meat grinder spins up to turn convert the bodies of healthy(ish) young men into Entertainment. Après moi le déluge de merde. Get hype.] Wyandotte. Shit. I'm only in Wyandotte. Every time, I think I'm going to wake up back in Midtown.... Everyone

A Greatly Uninformed 2016 Detroit Lions Preview

Head Coach: Jim Caldwell, baby! Key Players:  Matthew Stafford (QB), Golden Tate (WR), Marvin Jones (WR),  Ameer Abdullah (RB), DeAndre Levy (LB), Ezekiel Ansah (DE) Key Losses/Suspensions:  MEGATRON.  Nothing else matters. Notable Draft Picks:  Taylor Decker (OT, Ohio State), A'Shawn Robinson (DT, Alabama), Graham Glasgow (C, Michigan), Miles Killebrew (Southern Utah) Notable Free Agent Signings:

Duchess’ Soapbox

/Climbs up on soapbox Erik Kramer earned the nickname "Brass" because when Rodney Peete was injured Kramer had the "brass balls" to call an audible on his very first play with the Detroit Lions. He would later take the Lions to their only NFC Championship game in 1991. He owns the