DFO Art Week: Request Line / Radio

Welcome to the final installment of DFO Art Week.  Today I'm combining the art theme with Request Line / DFO Radio to showcase some of my favorites of the many images I've put together for the series over these four years. The theme for today's Request Line is "Music as

DFO Art Week: Masterpieces

Welcome to the fourth day of ART WEEK!  Today's theme is "masterpieces" so the images you see here are the absolute favorites of many of the writers from the site, including both photoshops and original photography.  I forgot to give credit to Low Commander of the Super Soldiers for his

DFO Art Week: Bad Photoshops

Welcome to hump day!  It's the third day of our celebration of the art history of doorfliesopen, and today we'll be taking a look at some of the most ham-fisted photoshop work that has ended up on here on the site.  Endearingly ham-fisted, we hope.  Enjoy! Note that we could do

DFO Art Week: Banner Images

For those of you who survived the cuts, welcome to Day 2 of ART WEEK!  Today we're celebrating the various banner images that have graced the site since its inception.  Most of these have come from serial features, but a few were associated with single posts. Enjoy, and don't forget

DFO Art Week: Book Flies Open

Welcome to Art Week!  To celebrate our fourth anniversary of working in the kontent mines, we decided (i.e. reluctantly agreed) to compile some of our favorite artwork that's been produced for the site over the years.  To kick things off I've decided to make it all (mostly) about MEEEEEEE and