Sometimes, old traditions can be made new again. If, for example, today were Friday & I posted this picture, some of you would remember another website's tradition of posting dog photos on a particular day. Well, with the world losing its goddamned mind nearly every hour of every day, I've decided

Spring Break is off to a whimper. We were supposed to go to a PADS fundraiser this evening, but it was postponed/cancelled because of the ban on gatherings larger than 250. It's a shame; such a worthy cause. Pacific Assistance Dogs Society (PADS) breeds, raises and trains fully certified assistance dogs.

Your DOGGIE Westminster Show Open Thread

Nothing matters tonight other than watching cool doggies doing their thing and, hopefully, pooping on the carpet. All your details are here: TV coverage is on Fox Sports. For all of you that don't know, Ryan Reynolds, my personal spirit guide, has decided to sponsor The Show through his gin: Now get to