Your “I Don’t Feel Pity – You Chose to Go” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

Statement applies to both Jets fans and [DFO-CON] attendees. One group has better decision-making skills. NFL News: They arrested the shooter of Joe McKnight, and he's being charged with manslaughter. The decision partly comes down to the fact that McKnight got out of his car first, so the accused might claim

The DFO Patrón Saint

Back at the site where we all met,  there was a patron saint and a matron saint and it was pretty obvious as to who they were and why they were. Here,  we have many unofficial matron saints And no official patron saint although two viable obvious options exist. Unfortunately,  I'm worried they

Your “What Blessings The Gods Have Bestowed Upon Us” Monday Open Thread

/opens browser     I didn't know Holocaust equivalencies were such an integral part of the Massachusetts curriculum. Really, I could go on. Such unbridled, unrepentant, undiluted yet deluded hate; it really could only come from the world's most "oppressed" "nation" of sports "fans". It was what I needed on a Monday morning. I may never

The DFO Interview: Scott Hanson

“Honey, where’s my pajama pants with the little helmets on them?” I’m catching up with Scott Hanson at home as he gets ready for another Sunday behind the desk. “Yeah, I wear pajama pants at work. I’m behind that desk for 7 hours, so I want to be comfortable.” Hanson is the wildly

DFO, Money Comes In – Week 2

As we mentioned last week, Week One games are notoriously difficult to predict.  Given that, I say that WhyEaglesWhy's and my performance of basically breaking even should be commended.  Who knew the Vikings would suck as much ass as Amabella (image NSFW, but worth the click) ? As for King Hippo's and