LAST CALL! Pats – Iggles #SB52 Open Thread

Well well… WELL. This being a Sunday afternoon, Hate Week is no more. Via And yet, the Patriots are in the Super Bowl, again. No. 1 seed in the AFC against the Iggles, No. 1 seed in the NFC. Philadelphia is riding a weekend high, after the Hall of Fame selection

Evil Celebrity Pickakke

This year’s Superb owl features Satan’s favorite team—the New England Patriots—playing against the Philadelphia Eagles, whose fan base happens to be her favorite. Factor in Donald Trump being president, and this year’s celebrity pickakke should be evil and bad. It’s what we deserve. . . Hello fellow DFOers, I dipped into

While You Were Drinking

While the majority of folks here have been nursing weekend long hangovers due to #07/31 the world kept going and the NFL kept moving. So here is a little primer to catch up everyone who is crawling out of a bottle on what has happened. Ravens: While you were drinking the Ravens