The 2018 New York Giants Preview Roast

Good afternoon everybody and welcome to New York City...adjacent East Rutherford, New Jersey, for my Hacky Ass™ Roast of the New York Giants. That’s right, we’re doing a roast. Why? Because almost all team previews on comedy sites are roasts at heart, I’m going to cut the bullshit and just start

The Dak Prescott Summer of Maturity: Chapter 2

EXT. A ROADSIDE IN RURAL NEW JERSEY - DAY CAM NEWTON, ELI MANNING, DOUG MARTIN, and ANTONIO BROWN stand glumly in front of the wreckage of a black pickup truck. CAM: Okay, so maybe we can't drive... ANTONIO: Maybe we can call an Uber? CAM: None of those asshole drivers will accept a pickup from

The Dak Prescott Summer of Maturity: Chapter 1

EXT. RURAL SURROUNDINGS - DAY We open with a wide shot of a vehicle parked at the edge of a field.  An orchestral version of a familiar song plays softly.  Cut to a closer shot of the vehicle, then another cut to its interior where we see the NARRATOR (Richard Dreyfus,

DFO Radio: The Genuine Article

Welcome to another Tuesday (read: behind schedule) edition of DFO Radio!  I got off to a slow start this morning because I was watching the McMaster press conference.  I wouldn't have expected so much nervous laughter from a military man, but here we are.  I also really liked it that

DFO Radio: Pickin’ Apples

Just one more week before the regular season starts.  I can't believe it's so close...I can practically taste it.  Wait, no, that's last week's Request Line, when we took a double dip into the well of Eli, taking on the topic of "fruits".  My own weekend was relatively fruit-free, since I