Rejoice! A Full #NuAIDS Lesser Day Beckons

Because moneys speak louder than public health (and thank FUCK for that, amirite??), we finally have sommet like a full Saturday slate.  Praise be!  But don't forget about Premiership Banana Puddings time, first! The Mighty Blues of Everton are in first position (assuming Villa lost yesterday, which I will presume #HAILGAMBLOR),

“Let Lesser Footy Be Thine Escape” Sabado Open Thread

Hey, did y'all notice?  Darkest Timeline got darker.  As a Karmic punishment, #NuAIDS for teh win!  But chaos is not the ally of the progressive-minded American right now. So...let's not think about it.  Lesser Footy and JV NFL slate, commence! No, you are not waking up (intentionally) for Chelski hosting Palace.  But it

Lesser Footy y Bringing Back #BFIB FOAR 2020 Open Thread

Yeah, that's right.  The most universally beloved sportsball franchise starts Grapefruit League play this afternoon.  Our hapless opponent is the Mets, at 1:05 EST (FSMW/  Some questions and answers: HIPPO - Which baseballist shall be touched by Most Glorious Devil Magic in 2020? OTHER HIPPO - So glad you asked, Other Hippo!  I am