Your “Portugal/Wales” Wednesday Morning Open thread

Good morning! Before we get into sports, I just wanted to quickly vent. Today is day three of the Summer boot camp classes that I'm teaching at an educational center. It has been an aggravating shit show so far. Here are some things that have rubbed me the wrong way: A) Prior to

Why no one cares about Poland vs. Portugal

This is an actual headline from, Canada's "national" newspaper, in case you wanted to know why our soccer team doesn't feel like succeeding anytime soon. It's actually not a bad article, and makes some valid points about why the teams involved could make this game punishingly unwatchable. But it's

DFO Euro 2016 Preview – Italy

As I hope we all know because we're smarter than average bears here, Italy is that country in southern Europe that looks like a giant boot. So naturally they'd be pretty decent at the kicking sport, with four World Cups (last in 2006) and a European championship to their name.

Euro 2016 Preview: Portugal

I'm going to let you in on a hidden talent I have-- I can correctly identify all the flags of the world. The origins of this talent began in grade 3 when I signed out a book that had every flag in the world (at that time) and a paragraph

Euro 2016 Preview–Romania

Oh shit, I better get started on the Euro posts I said I might do. Let's see when the first match is… this afternoon? And Romania's playing in the opener? Well I better get this done now! For the geographically lacking folks/everyone who gets confused by all the eastern European countries, Romania