27 June Lesser Madness Thread

Tis a strange schedule.  You get one Premiership fixture each day, at bizarre times.  Saturday has ONLY the early bird special, which features Euro-curious Wolves away to "just happy to be here" Villa (7:30, NBCSN).  I feel like a lunatic setting me alarms for this.  But I will.  Saints at

Slim Pickins Lesser Footy Open Thread

Welcome back, though the FA Cup semis (nae exactly raging, MOAR LIEK a quarter-chubb, just enough to make you glad you wore jeans). As such, ALL the Prem action on Saturday is in the 10:00 window (Daylight Savings Times are back in alignment).  Palace and Newcastle are the featured match (NBCSN),

FA Cup Final Open Thread

Big Boy Fox has you covered, pre-game at Noon EST, kickoff 12:30. Dunno whether Gus Johnson and his miscast-for-lesser-footy enthusiasm will be announcing again or not. He really drives the ex-pats bonkers, FWIW. The matchup between Manure and Crystal Palace will have a damned strange feel for a final.