Your “Thank Gawd The National Nightmare Is Ovah!” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL BRADY NOOZ!: It's the Bucs.    Two years at $30 million per season. The Chargers lost out because Brady apparently wanted to stay on the east coast for Gisele family reasons. The Onion, of course, has it all in perspective. Just after he goes, his center has left for

Your “Looks Like You Won’t Have Beerguyrob To Kick Around For A While” Monday Evening Open Thread

Because, dear Commentists, this is my last Open Thread before we yield the week to the esteemed King Hippo for all things Madness. Editor’s note: This is to remind you of DFO’s Bracket Challenge! DFO Bracket Challenge Group Name:  DFO Brackets Password:  Dickjoke Link: Allow me to share with you the "how to join" tutorial put