Your “What Are The Odds?!” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Mason Rudolph finally took some responsibility for his involvement in last Thursday's excitement against Cleveland. In doing so, the league rewarded him with an undisclosed fine. I'm sure Myles Garrett, who is at league HQ today appealing his season-ending suspension, really appreciates the quid pro quo from the

Your “What’s Worse – A Pattern or a Trend?” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Following up on a balls comment from last night's Open Thread, the Super Bowl viewership rating was a 41.1, or an average of 98.2 million viewers. The lowest viewership rating since 2003, Super Bowl XXXVII - Raiders vs. Bucs. Market share varied across the country: Boston had a

Your “The Calm Before The Storm” Thursday Evening Open Thread NFL News: The odds are out for this weekend's games: Chiefs (-3) Saints (-3.5) both over/unders were 56/56.5 when I checked this morning. The forecast has been "upgraded" to sunny with cloudy periods, highs near -2° Fahrenheit. The NFL announced that Gladys Knight will perform the national anthem at The

Your “Why Can’t It Be Like That Every Night?” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Notes: The Chiefs-Rams game was ESPN's highest-rated game in four years.  Last night's game could singlehandedly turn around the NFL's Nielsen numbers...until the next arcane roughing the QB flag, or Jets game. Of all the ridiculous stats to come out of the game, Kareem Hunt became the first player

Your “Choices, Choices Everywhere” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

Both photos were taken & complied by me outside the Seahawks game on November 4th. After the last six months of electioneering, I know many people feel one of two sentiments: or So, you can spend your evening hate-drinking & hate-watching election results, or you can spend it here with friends, hate-drinking &