2020 Quotables – Week 6 (Results)

SCENE: Interior, the DFO Clubhouse. The floor is littered with empty beer bottles, the walls are covered in Iguana Mart posters, and the couch is...sticky. BeerGuyRob: So today's the day, huh? HoratioCornblower: What are you talking about? Is Geno Auriemma finally coming to visit? BallsofSteelandFury: Didn't you read blax's Quotables submissions page this

2020 Quotables – Week 4 (Submissions)

I had face cancer surgery yesterday so you're not going to get my shot of prideful wittiness today. Just your Week 4 Quotables submissions and the reminder that, just because I seem to be making through this minor case with full-on health insurance and competent medical experts, you can't worry

2020 Quotables – Week 3 (Submissions)

Did I "watch" football this weekend? Not really. A couple plays here and there but, overall, I didn't pick good games to broadcast on the teevee, it seems. Perhaps if [DFO] still offered those 506 maps, I could prepare a little better.  No matter -- the important thing is everyone

2020 Quotables – Week 2 (Results)

I've never kept the NEXT GENERATION STATS on Quotables because, though I think there may be some interesting nuggets on the trends, no one writes me a check to keep them. That said, I think Matt Stafford feels like the most gif'ded player we present on here. I'm sure we've

2020 Quotables – Week 1 (Results)

Not my kind of humour (dead hookers, interracial group sex jokes, and vilifying the wealthy -- c'mon!) but you all came through with [DFO]'s own brand of jokery this week. Not much to add on top of that; here at Quotables we let the talking do the talking! Hope you