The Devil and Hue Jackson (Part 2)

Part 1 --- "Good morning, Huey Jackson, it's time to rise and grind." The Devil's words come penetratin' into Hue's wrecked mind. So Hue sets down Mike Brown's laundry, cause that's his job these days, In addition to designin' passes for Andy Dalton to throw away. "Wake up, Sunshine!" the Devil laughs. "It's time to break

The Devil and Hue Jackson (Part 1)

The Devil walked into the Golden Bull on a rainy Oakland night, While the lost souls sat and nursed their CTE in the sickly neon light. And the Devil, he looked around the room at the broken hopes and dreams, He says, "Is there one among you scum who'll coach my sorry team? Dennis

Something Wicked This Way Comes…

This is just a reminder that Halloween is only one week away, and with it, our annual collection of SPOOKY NFL STORIES!  Here are some of the classics from previous years. In 2015, the theme was "Spooky Texans Stories": I WOULD LIKE A SELFIE by WCS In the Dome of Dementia by Pickettscharge Don't Turn on

Scary NFL Stories: The Experiment

(Scene: a nondescript room with two doors—one far, one near—but no windows, and two tables and chairs. On one table is a large box with a number of switches on it, and cords running out from the back and through the wall, and a small television monitor and speaker on

Quoth the Ginger

With apologies to Edgar Allan Poe, JJFozz, and actual writers/poets/intellectuals everywhere   Once upon a season dreary, while owners pondered, meek and bleary- Eyed, thumbing through the ratings from the week before—     The Shield's keepers, focused on accounting, were ignoring a sudden tapping, As if some one gently rapping, rapping on the windows of