A Slapdash Wednesday Evening Open Thread

Apologies for the stuntedness, but real life threw up some obstacles today. Besides, with July 4th on Friday, it doesn't appear anyone at the league is working real hard. NFL News: Kareem Hunt has gone from shoving women to shoving cops. There are claims this was just something between friends that

Meanwhile, in Overland Park…

EXT. SUBURBAN STREET - DAY A very young boy plays by himself with a football on the lawn in front of a nondescript suburban home.  He tosses the ball up in the air as high as he can, then darts underneath to catch it.  As he runs across the lawn, pretending

Meanwhile, in Jupiter…

INT. POLICE STATION FRONT DESK - DAY A weary-looking Hispanic female officer sits behind a divider that separates the police station bullpen from the reception area. --- [door flies open] --- MARK DAVIS: HI I'M MARK DAVIS! OFFICER REYES: Um, hello sir.  How can we help you? MARK: I NEED TO SEE THE CHIEF OF

DFO Insider: Shelved for Retooling

INT. DFO PRODUCTION OFFICE – DAY A pair of sleazy Hollywood producers are hard at work. One - DARKEST TIMELINE ZACK MORRIS - is inspecting his recent manicure, occasionally frowning at imperfections.  The other - RIKKI-TIKKI-DEADLY - is impatiently peering at a six-pack planter of seedlings. RIKKI-TIKKI-DEADLY: Come on, damn you!  Hurry up