Hard Ride To Nowhere (Chapter 126)

The scene: A jungle island somewhere in the Pacific. BFC is pulling the overladen life raft ashore as Jerry munches on the last of the Thin Mints and Gumbygirl puts two waffles in the toaster. BFC (huffing): Y’know, I could really use some help here. Jerry: Oh, sorry, man. You remember

Hard Ride To Nowhere (Chapter 123)

The scene: The DFO clubhouse, present day. Doktor Zymm is inside, wearing a mask and goggles, and accompanying her are Steve the Ninja (also wearing a mask because, duh, ninja) and Man in Plaid #2’s Head, who doesn’t need a mask since he’s a highly advanced android. Or rather, he’s

Hard Ride To Nowhere (Chapter 121)

The scene: That terrifying location within the Wasteland known as the Taboo Region! Specifically, the bottom of the cliff where, until recently, a giant spider had been menacing Moosemas Gorilla, Horatio Cornblower, Otto’s Brain (who are all stuck in webbing) and Future Clone Lynda Carter (who is not). Horatio Cornblower: It’s...gone? Future

Hard Ride To Nowhere (Chapter 119)

The scene: The parking lot of that massive center of consumerism known as Iguana Mart. Beerguyrob has a megacart full of stuff and is currently looking in dismay at the empty parking spot where Doktor Zymm’s RV was before Future Clone Debbie Harry stole it (and Rikki-Tikki-Deadly). Covalent Blonde is

Hard Ride To Nowhere (Chapter 118)

The scene: Doktor Zymm’s RV, which is rapidly plunging towards the earth. PK is plastered across the windshield, holding on for dear life as his man-bun bobs in the wind. Inside the RV, Rikki-Tikki-Deadly and Future Clone Debbie Harry are frantically trying to figure out how to avoid crashing. Rikki-Tikki-Deadly (pushing