Why are you a Fan?

We all have fandoms. How did we get here? Here are my stories. Please share yours below. Chicago Cubs: I grew up in the Quad Cities (on the Mississippi river between Chicago and Des Moines. Rock Island and Moline Illinois, Davenport and Bettendorf Iowa) in the 60’s and 70’s, which was basically

PLL season wrap up

Hi everyone. How are you today? Well, I hope. Ready for some more lacrosse? No? Too bad, wait for the next post. Yes? Read on. Since I managed to watch all of the these games, we're doing a game recap for each game. Elimination Round Chrome (2) vs Chaos(7) From Draft Kings, Chrome were the heavy favoUrite, but

HOLY HELL MAJOR CHAMPIONSHIP GOLF IS BACK… Your Thursday PGA Championship slash afternoon open thread

Hawkey is back, the NBA is back (I think?), based ball is sort-of back who knows, football... again, who knows. All of that stated, golf has been back for six weeks. Granted, there aren't any galleries, so, it's been a bit strange, but, I'll take what I can get at

MLL year in review

So, the Major League Lacrosse (MLL) "season" is over and your Boston Cannons are your Steinfeld Trophy winners. They won 13-10 over Denver in a tight game.   The Cannon's open the scoring about 3 minutes in and then lead 8-6 at the half on a 2 point goal with one

2020 Banner Madness, Day 6

Or, the bottom half of the BOLTMAN Regional. I don't know what else to say, but let's see what I have to do with the word count first. 15. "11 days to make it just one round—what are we, Sarah Huckabee Sanders' belt?!" vs. 24. "French construction workers will always do

2020 Banner Madness, Day 4

Rockingdog may be asking, "If this coronavirus gets out of hand, will they still play the March Madness NCAA basketball tournament even though there may be no one in the stands?" But we forge on, disease or no disease. Take that, multi-billion dollar organizations that should be considered national disgraces