2020 Banner Madness, Day 7

Two days left in the round, and we can spend time debating the spelling of SHAN'KHOR while we're at it. It's the SHAN'KHOR Regional, that's why! (All I know is this is the original spelling from the ancient runes and thus the one used.) Now if someone could tell be

BOLTMAN GROUP Presents: The Sounds of X-Mas Night Open Thread

NIGHT – SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – NONDESCRIPT OFFICE BUILDING INTERIOR [The camera pans across an empty and dimly lit office brimming with cubicals as free-use holiday music plays softly in the background. The camera stops on the only illuminated desk, where an extremely pale but handsome young man in a Santa hat

The Trading Card of Josh McCown

Chapter 1: The draft room in Phoenix was filled with the stale odor of cigarettes, Old Spice and cheap liquor, and when the time came to make the call to New York, there came through the room the additional smell of anticipation mixed with fear. Would they finally get it right