Kicking Off the Strangest FA Cup and Wild Card 1 of 6 Bitches! Combo Thread

Good day, imaginary peoples.  It's REALLY here.  The day we gets a TRIPLEHEADER of Wild Card, Bitches! action.  And it happens again tomorrow!  We just needed a world-wide pandemic to make it real.  [slaps #NuAIDS on the ass, HARD!] But first, we have a wacky Lesser Morning, with pretty much every match on

Fifty Shades of Gravy (Part 1)

The first thing I notice about Mr. Irsay's office is the smell; leather, stale human sweat, spilled beer. It reminds me so much of the fraternity houses in Palo Alto, places that my roommate Coby Fleener would venture into for an occasional “big night out” but I avoided as much I