It's been a fairly hectic time on the old internets this week. My Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, made the news by avoiding Halloween costumes this year, because - well, you know...        He just ran out of ideas. The Not-Montreal-Expos won the World Series, touching off a strenuous yet polite online debate in

Your Saturday Evening “Broken Clocks” Open Thread

Twitter only did two things correct yesterday. The first was to let the readers of [DFO] know that love is both dead and alive. If this ugly, yet obviously well-hung troll can land her, then any of us have an equal shot now that she's wounded. The second was to let me know

Your “Obvious Point Is Obvious” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

Before I begin - a big shoutout to Horatio for helping work up ESPN blowhard Darren Rovell on the Twitter. That's good enmity. NFL News: Jon Gruden has opinions about the injustice of Vontaze Burfict's season-ending suspension: "I'm not happy about it -- at all. I don't want to say anything else,