I think today has marked the first "real" day back from the depth of the COVID-19 scare. Sure, there were a whole bunch of people in Tulsa ignoring black history in their quest to suckle at the teat of a sentient orange-hued McDonald's patty. https://twitter.com/RobertKlemko/status/1274352557956247556 And there were other problems in the world

It's been a fairly hectic time on the old internets this week. My Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, made the news by avoiding Halloween costumes this year, because - well, you know...        He just ran out of ideas. The Not-Montreal-Expos won the World Series, touching off a strenuous yet polite online debate in

Your Saturday Evening “Broken Clocks” Open Thread

Twitter only did two things correct yesterday. The first was to let the readers of [DFO] know that love is both dead and alive. https://twitter.com/Daily_Star/status/1185150782615609344 If this ugly, yet obviously well-hung troll can land her, then any of us have an equal shot now that she's wounded. The second was to let me know