Request Line: THREATS

INT.  HOME OFFICE/STUDIO – DAY [An extremely pale yet handsome man sits at his home desk in his underwear, typing on his keyboard, adjusting some knobs to his left and talking into his microphone] LOW COMMANDER: Look, all I'm saying is that it's quarantine. What else does he possibly have to be

No One’s Chargers 2019 Preview: Top Bolt

INTERIOR - CHARGERS WAR ROOM, MIRA MAR, CA - MIDDAY MAJ. TOM TELESCO: [Walking in] Good morning Tony. COMM. ANTHONY LYNN: Morning Tom. RADIO: Ghost Audience, we have an unknown aircraft entering our airspace. Vector 405 for bogey. TELESCO: Who's up there? LYNN: Rivers, Gordon, Bosa and Allen. EXTERIOR - THE SKIES ABOVE SAN DIEGO COUNTY CAPT. RIVERS: YOU BETTER ASK SOMEBODDDDDYYYYYY