Round of 16 Open Thread: Porto-Roma & ManU-PSG

The Shempiens League knockouts start today! The tournament was meant to pit the European champions against each other, and there were several in the group stage. But now the field has been halved to 16 teams from the Big Deal European leagues, who play a home-and-away series to advance until

Your 4th of July Day Open Thread & Commentist Beer Barrel: Boots On The Ground – San Diego International Beer Festival 2018

Heyyyy, happy 4th of July, folks! Low Commander here to dust off the old Beer Barrel and hopefully wet your whistles for the incredible day of BBQing, blowing shit up and straight up shameless DRANKIN'. 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays, (mostly because I am not a

Your Saturday Morning Strawberries Open Thread

Good morning!  If you woke up early today to catch the women's final at Wimbledon I hope you didn't spend too much time blinking your sleepy eyes, cause you'd have missed it.  Garbine "A Straight G" Muruguza rolled over Venus "She's Got It" Williams in just one hour and fourteen