The Wednesdayer (S1, E12 – Staffing Up)

Tyrel Jackson Williams: Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of the Wednesdayer. This week, as I understand, Peter is preparing to split his time with his normal NFL coverage gig. Is that right Peter? Peter King: Well, the NFL never stops. Roger Goodell, the brilliant commissioner of the league, has

The Wednesdayer (S1, E11 – Competition)

Tyrel Jackson Williams: Hello all. Welcome to another edition of the Wednesdayer. Peter, we were doing good there for a couple weeks but it’s all kind of gone to hell in the past few Wednesdays. Where have you been? Peter King: Been scrounging for work. Sorry I haven’t had time to

The Wednesdayer (S1, E10 – Abate This)

Tyrel Jackson Williams: Hello all and welcome back to another edition of The Wednesdayer. I am pleased to say we have returned to our roots around here and, with last week being potentially valuable in terms of useful content, I thought we could start off by following up on what

The Wednesdayer (S1, E9 – Cool Off)

Tyrel Jackson Williams: Good day all and welcome to another The Wednesdayer. Now, after last week focused a little more on the residential and home improvement portion of our topics list, I thought it might be nice for our listeners to have us circle back to some of the larger

The Wednesdayer (S1, E8 – Family Real Estate)

Tyrel Jackson Williams: Hello everyone and welcome to another The Wednesdayer. This week we are going to be bringing to you our first ever guest -- Peter King: Guests. With an s. It's plural. Williams: So it is. Our first guests. So will it be our first guest when we have a

The Wednesdayer (S1, E7 – All Clauses)

Tyrel Jackson Williams: Hello everyone and welcome to another week of The Wednesdayer.  We are, after discussing the topic last week, back on schedule with this weeks edition and -- well, I have to be honest here -- I didn't get back any response to my show notes questions to Peter

The Wednesdayer (S1, E6 – On Time)

Tyrel Jackson Williams: Hello everyone and welcome to another week of The Wednesday with Peter King. Now Peter, we've been on here for six weeks and you've now missed two. Now, it's your product so, you know, do what you want with this thing but I think that, if we could

The Wednesdayer (S1, E5 – Sales Prep)

  Tyrel Jackson Williams: Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of The Wednesdayer, a new product where Peter King discusses with you his love of all things construction and home improvement related. This is a show about you, the listeners, so we're going to open up the lines right now

The Wednesdayer (S1, E4 – Stage Craft)

Tyrel Jackson Williams: Welcome to this weeks edition of The Wednesdayer, coming to you every Wednesday right here at DFO. Peter King: Well, until we get picked up by a larger corporate partner. I mean, what is this even? A podcast? We on the radio? Is this a written thing? Or

The Wednesdayer (S1, E3 – Return of the Wednesdayer)

Tyrel Jackson Williams: Hello folks and we're back for another episode of The Wednesdayer. We were off last week while I ran some focus group testing in preparation for episode number two and -- Peter King: And a woudey woudey woo! Williams: Peter, no. I told you that shock jock nonsense is

The Wednesdayer (S1, E2 – Best of The Wednesdayer)

Peter King: Good afternoon, folks. I am unavailable for this weeks edition of The Wednesdayer. We have some great NBA playoffs matchups coming that I got a line on tickets to through my NBC connections and, you know, I'll probably drop in on some hardball games as well. April baseball

The Wednesdayer (S1, E1 – Introducing The Wednesdayer)

Tyrel Jackson Williams: Good morning folks. My name is Tyrel Jackson Williams and I am here to introduce you to the latest Peter King production, The Wednesdayer. Now, many of you might know me from my portrayal of Charles in IFC's Brockmire. Well, that's effectively the role Mr King brought