Smoking Hot Microphone

INTERIOR - FOX SPORTS BROADCASTING STUDIOS - LOS ANGELES, CA [A pair of well dressed men sit around a broadcast studio's control room, watching sports highlights on various screens] GEORGE GREENBERG: Look, Joe, we have to keep up with the times. CBS has finally done the smart thing for once by canning Simms

Straight White Super Bowl 2016: Oscars Recap

The Oscars were last weekend. Let's see how my predictions did. Best Picture, Best Director, Acting Awards (5/6) I missed only one of the big six awards, with Best Director going to Alejandro González Iñárritu for The Revenant instead of George Miller for Mad Max: Fury Road. The lead acting categories went, as expected, to Leonardo DiCaprio and

A fearless and moral inventory

(As the sun comes up, a gathering of lost souls is happening in Nearby Church Basement, Anywhere, USA) Todd: I'd like to thank everyone for coming out this morning. We'll begin, as we always do, with the Serenity Prayer. All: (said in unison) Rog, Grant me the serenity, to accept the injuries I cannot change The courage

Saturday Evening Puzzle

I was thinking about doing a visual type of puzzle for a while now and I'm finally giving it a shot.  Even if you don't like the puzzle, you should like the pics and we can use this as an open thread. Here is the concept.  I will show you several

Coping With Loss in La Jolla

(somewhere on a sunny beach in La Jolla, Callifornia) Brad: Brah! Good waves out there today. Jackson: Totally, brah. And my gal K8 [ed. note--literally spelled that way] packed me a whole box of fresh fish tacos. Brad: Rad! With the guac? Jackson: Yup. And I made some of that mango salsa. Brad: Sweet. So, did you go to the game

Somewhere outside of Jersey City…

Corn Maze Employee #1: I'm telling you, man, he was in there all night. Corn Maze Employee #2: Doing what, though? #1: Hell if I know. We closed up all the snack bars tight, and none of them looked disturbed. I don't think there was even a corn stalk out of place. #2:

Chicago Firesale?

Earlier today, the Chicago Bears traded DE/LB/Mullet Enthusiast Jared Allen to the Carolina Panthers.  Had to be a good deal, right? According to the WWL: "The Bears will pay $11.5 million of Allen's salary, while the Panthers will pay him $823,000, sources told ESPN. The Bears will get a conditional pick