Balls on…The College Football Playoff

We just recently finished the semifinals and are eagerly awaiting the final and I don't think everyone is happy. This is where I usually come in. Let's just say the Balls-Signal went out. As usual, I will come in and either fix things or make them worse with everyone complaining about

Your “Get It In While You Still Can…TWSS” Friday Evening Open Thread

Only a few days left until we get to our "Year of Hindsight". 2020. Get it? OH COME ON THAT WAS CLEVER OF ME!!!!!!! (ok fine...never mind) Anywhoooooo.... Thank youse to BrewChuggingDonnie  and Señor Weaselo  for sitting in for me the past two Fridays.  The timing was good.  Serendipity is a good thing sometimes. But not always.... But

Balls on… Miss Universe

Some of you may have heard about the latest controversy surrounding the Miss Universe pageant and pageants in general. To be fair, the whole concept of a beauty pageant is, in my opinion, akin to the concept of a college football national champion being crowned by secret votes and

Sexy Soccer Saturday Morning Open Thread and Champions League Group Stage Review

Good morning everyone! Today is the first day this fall without any college football! No, Army-Navy doesn't count as football. It's on par with Russian military parades and North Korean Dear Leader rallies as far as the propaganda machine goes. So, I am completely ignoring it and focusing on the