Request Line: The Ultimate Mixtape Series

Greetings!  Doubtless you've arrived breathlessly anticipating a new season of Request Line after having spent the last two days in a state of blackout drunken euphoria upon learning of the death of Rush Limbaugh.  I have some bad news.  Not about Rush, no, I'm delighted to report that he's still

Request Line: Christmas-Adjacent

INT. CRAMPED OFFICE CUBICLE - DAY MICHAEL VICK sits uncomfortably in front of a desktop computer.  He is peering closely at the screen.  Pan over to show the image that he's looking at. MICHAEL VICK: Aw, she's all tuckered out.  Wait...Computer, pan up. DJ 3000: I HAVE A NAME, YOU KNOW. MICHAEL VICK: Shut


--- The scene: The DFO clubhouse, present day. The gang is seated around a large...table type arrangement that consists of the felt part of a pool table balanced on top of several stacks of cinderblocks.  A set of various markings from a craps table have been crudely drawn on its

Request Line: VisionQuest 2020 (Part 6) – College

INT. RECORDING STUDIO - DAY The PRODUCER is laying on his side on the couch, snoring heavily.  BLAKE BORTLES is still present, alternating between bustling around the office tidying things up and sitting morosely in an office chair, working his way through a tin of chewing tobacco. DJ 3000: Thanks for sticking

Request Line: VisionQuest 2020 (Part 4) – Canis Lupus

INT. RECORDING STUDIO - NIGHT The PRODUCER is sitting upright on the couch.  His eyes are red and very bloodshot, but he is seemingly alert.  DJ 3000's camera is slowly flashing as he watching him intently. DJ 3000: [internal monologue] I JUST WISH I COULD SEE WHAT HE'S SEEING. CUT TO: THE PRODUCER'S