Your “We’re Barely Halfway There, Don’t Wuss Out, Keep On Drankin'” Late Afternoon Games Thread

Things got started early today in London.  The Ratbirds missed their wake up call, however.  Yeeeeesh. But we're at the day's halfway point finally.  What's on tap this late afternoon?   Seattle at Tennessee (4:05pmEDT, FOX) I like the Titans and Mariota in this one.  Take Tennessee and give the 2 points.  Plus, as

Your “The Offseason Is Over–OVER I TELLS YA!” Open Thread

Well, it’s been a long wait, and it was rough. Was. For the naysayers: June ends tomorrow and training camps start in July. The science is unimpeachable. No more speculations based on drills in shorts—it’s over! Oh man, you can almost smell the Toradol. The wait gets worse every year, as all offseason

Good Night Sweet Patriot: Aaron Hernandez, 1989-2017

Aaron Hernandez was found dead this morning, apparently hanging himself with a bedsheet tied to his cell window. Reactions were immediate. "My heart is broken", tweeted Latin Kings treasurer and superhero Tony Stark. Friends remembered Aaron Hernandez the man, not the convicted murderer and cold case scapegoat. An inmate, who declined to

April! God… DAMMIT – Offseason Sunday Open Thread

These are despairing times. The present has become anticipating the worst possible outcome in the foreseeable future. Or, for Jets fans, on draft day in a couple of weeks. We’re into Month #3 of the offseason. Delaying the draft has proven to create an unbearable vacuum of news and rumors after

Superb Owl LI Predictions: Steven Wright

Thanks. This game is in Texas. I thought that’s why they billed it Super Bowl Lee.   It’s the fifty-first Super Bowl but the game’s been played for 50 years. I wondered if anyone knew about the lost year. So I called Jamie Collins.   Kyle Shanahan gets credit from getting consistent, solid performances out of

Week 8 Color Assault: Jaguars @ Titans Open Thread

Hello fans, this is the NFL. The Official Beer withdrew from this game and wanted to issue a statement. The parties settled for an undisclosed amount and a hashtag: #Out4Turdsday. So tonight the NFL hosts an Open Bar, albeit with only two selections. Indulge freely on room temperature Olde English; independent NFL sommeliers certified that cold

In the Grim, Dark Off-season…

...there is only conflict. Upon the blasted-out ruins of a forgotten peninsula, called Boca Raton in the Third Age, the thirty two Primarchs of the Shieldperium meet to decide what tactical changes must occur before the War begins in earnest once more in the months to come. "Take your seats." The halls of