Your “The Ultraviolet Light Hurts Me So” Saturday Evening Open Thread Woo-hoo! June, baby. One more month of school until summer vacation for us teaching types! I got plans. BIG PLANS! (Will actually accomplish nothing over the summer.) Tonight's sports: NHL: vegas at Washington - 8:00PM | NBCSN / CBC MLB: regional coverage includes Cubs/Mets, Dodgers/Rockies, BoSox/Astros - 7:00PM | FOX BoSox at

A “You Never Seen Such Scufflin'” Saturday Evening Open thread There's nothing to talk about. It's all Olympics or GAMBLOR! The men's snowslopes final is tonight. There are four Canadians among the 12 qualifiers. Also, there's three Norwegians.   WAR'S ON, BABY! Tonight's sports: Olympics: NBCSN: 7:00PM - Figure Skating: Olympic Ice, Snowboarding 9:45PM - Curling (Mixed Doubles): U.S. vs. Finland, Snowboarding 1:30AM - Curling

Your “Gonna Get High, Gonna Have Some Fun” Saturday Evening Open Thread

  Hope you all had yourselves a lovely day. The rain has finally returned (with a vengeance) to Vancouver. The highlight has been the traffic broadcasts; there was one point this week where the local newsradio reporter just gave up & said, "What's wrong with people?" For example: we have this

Your “Drinking Turkey Like It’s Water” Saturday Evening Open Thread

So, NHL training camps opened this week. The important thing is that the return of hockey will bring me many national games to enjoy on the days between football games. There's about three weeks of garbage hockey to get through before the Canucks can start letting me down for real.

Your “Don’t Want To Say Good Night” Saturday Evening Open Thread

  Well, there's a couple of "games" tonight, featuring "starters" that will "play" almost an entire quarter. Except for the guys who are hurt or facing suspension, which eats up most blog coverage. Game preview: Colts at Cowboys Peeling back the layers of congealed gravy over at Stampede Blue, you find a fan

Your “We Were The Dudes And The Dudes Were We” Saturday Evening Open Thread

    NHL Eastern Conference Preview: You've got one team Gary Bettman desperately wanted to have in this round, and the Ottawa Senators. Both teams have made it this far on the moxie of their goaltending. Craig Anderson played out of his mind in the series against the Rangers, stopping upwards of 50 shots