The D of S, Vol. II: Terrazzo I

Place: Walking into the first terrace, through the gate of PurgatoryTime: About twenty seconds after the previous chapter tWBS: So, I can't look back, huh? So what if I do this? (He looks back.) Senor: Dude, n— The two are seemingly teleported the several hundred feet back to where they started, the gate of

2020 Banner Madness, Day 7

Two days left in the round, and we can spend time debating the spelling of SHAN'KHOR while we're at it. It's the SHAN'KHOR Regional, that's why! (All I know is this is the original spelling from the ancient runes and thus the one used.) Now if someone could tell be

BattleBots Beat: Okay, Panic

Welcome back to the Beat! Last time out, Yeti made Redshirt sad, Bronco went retro, and HyperShock still couldn't beat Bite Force. That's okay, nobody else currently in the field can! This has been your reminder that the only robot to beat Bite Force in 3+ seasons is Chomp with

BattleBots Beat: Your 2019 Preview!

Hi there, lizard people. It's been a while, hasn't it? But the summer's here, and with it, large robots that would maul your face, legs, or anything else. That's right, it's another season of BattleBots, and with it, another season of the BattleBots Beat! So, I don't have anything to recap