Your 2020 Banner Madness Recap and Unveiling

I believe we have a winner. 58. “In honor of Veteran’s Day I’ve taken a shot of Bulleit and neglected to adequately provide mental health services to myself.” beats 59. “If Garrett had only hit a woman with that helmet he’d be back by Week 14.” 32-12 And there you have it. A champion

Your 2020 Banner Madness Penultimate Four!

So we're finally here. The 2020 Banner Madness Penultimate Four. The four to make it, already champions in their own right to survive an impressive year of banners. Let's go through it all. GAMBLOR Region First Round 64. “Only thing wetter than this Ravens-Steelers game is my wife seeing the Witcher in the

2020 Banner Madness: Road to the Penultimate Four

In short: 'Tis a long one. Long, winding, a monthlong actually-occurring-in-March gauntlet. And after this four will remain. That's still kinda something. As for the possibilities: In the BOLTMAN Region… 2. “These goal posts are taking it like an NFL girlfriend lately.” beats 51. “THIS JASON GARRETT, I CALL HIM HILLARY CLINTON BECAUSE