BattleBots Beat: 2020 Updates

Yes, we have fighting robots. There is much rejoicing. The 2020 season of BattleBots, delayed by *points to globe* all this shit is up and running. It won't be as grand as originally expected back in April, again due to *points to globe again* all this shit, but there are robots

The D of S, Vol. II: Terrazzo I

Place: Walking into the first terrace, through the gate of PurgatoryTime: About twenty seconds after the previous chapter tWBS: So, I can't look back, huh? So what if I do this? (He looks back.) Senor: Dude, n— The two are seemingly teleported the several hundred feet back to where they started, the gate of

Rob Manfred Wishes He Were a National Disgrace

Nice to see those one-year punishments were so effective and black-balled the coaches involved, right? Ha. AJ Hinch (former Astros manager) to the Tigers. Alex Cora (former Astros bench coach, Red Sox manager, and ringleader of BOTH verified cheating scandals as Buzzergate wasn't confirmed *jerking motion*) gets RE-HIRED by the Red