Your 2020 Banner Madness Recap and Unveiling

I believe we have a winner. 58. “In honor of Veteran’s Day I’ve taken a shot of Bulleit and neglected to adequately provide mental health services to myself.” beats 59. “If Garrett had only hit a woman with that helmet he’d be back by Week 14.” 32-12 And there you have it. A champion

Your 2020 Banner Madness Penultimate Four!

So we're finally here. The 2020 Banner Madness Penultimate Four. The four to make it, already champions in their own right to survive an impressive year of banners. Let's go through it all. GAMBLOR Region First Round 64. “Only thing wetter than this Ravens-Steelers game is my wife seeing the Witcher in the

2020 Banner Madness: Road to the Penultimate Four

In short: 'Tis a long one. Long, winding, a monthlong actually-occurring-in-March gauntlet. And after this four will remain. That's still kinda something. As for the possibilities: In the BOLTMAN Region… 2. “These goal posts are taking it like an NFL girlfriend lately.” beats 51. “THIS JASON GARRETT, I CALL HIM HILLARY CLINTON BECAUSE

2020 Banner Madness: The End is Near

After today, the Ice Milk Eight, the Penultimate Four, and the championship which doesn't get a fancy name. When we last left the SHAN'KHOR Region we realized the world was going to hell and to hunker down at the Winchester for a nice cold pint until this all blew over. Which'll be

2020 Banner Madness: And Space Madness

The latter will come on stronger as we're cooped up, don't worry. Meanwhile speaking of madness, here's the BOLTMAN Regional Semis. First, the secon round results. 2. “These goal posts are taking it like an NFL girlfriend lately.” beats 48. “Maryland channeling their inner older, more mature Jesus by not going crazy

Banner Madness 2020: Salty 16, Day 1

Arguably the best-named round we came up with. Alternately, arguably the worst. Personally "Penultimate Four" is still my favorite. It's also the What the Hell are Regional Semifinals! As things go we start it with the top left of the bracket and the GAMBLOR Regional. Which I should finish filling in

2020 Banner Madness: The Only Game in Town

Well, we did not expect that one on March 1st. For one that implies that we thought the NCAA would do the right thing. Ever. But everything is cancelled like it's the motherfuckin' Space Olympics. (The Earth Olympics are also pending.) Also this is the last day of the second round. After