Your “Get It In While You Still Can…TWSS” Friday Evening Open Thread

Only a few days left until we get to our "Year of Hindsight". 2020. Get it? OH COME ON THAT WAS CLEVER OF ME!!!!!!! (ok fine...never mind) Anywhoooooo.... Thank youse to BrewChuggingDonnie  and Señor Weaselo  for sitting in for me the past two Fridays.  The timing was good.  Serendipity is a good thing sometimes. But not always.... But

Your “Colours Make Things Interesting – Part Three” Friday Evening Open Thread

I bet you thought I'd forgotten about this little series.  Well, "series" might be pushing it considering that this is only the third installment and it's been nearly a year since the first and second installments.  And considering it's been that long you, dear reader, have probably forgotten anyway. But it's

Your “Well I Guess That’s Music, Allegedly – #3” Friday Evening Open Thread

Yeah, it's been a while.  But you remember.  This is one of those weeks where I can't think of anything else so I choose one (or more) musical artists to feature.  Generally, their musical accolades are best. But not their sexy.  That is unimpeachable.  Kinda like someone else I know. Anywhooooo... This