Your “Not Even Close To A Good Friday Let Alone Eggcellent” Friday Evening Open Thread

I like Jeebus.  Even though I'm not particularly religious I really do mean that.  He was a good dude.  Brave.  Cared about people.  And did a lot of things to try to help make their lives better at his own peril.   God or not, he had balls.  Can't deny it.  Go

Your “tWBS Depresses You Again And Then Saves It By Posting Photos Of Partially Nekkid Wimminz” Friday Evening Open Thread

I'm in a really bad mood.  Fair warning for what you are about to read.  Close your browser now if you don't have the stomach for it. - I love women.  I mean not like that.  Well not ONLY like that.  I mean....  NO YOU SHUT UP. What I'm about to type out?