2020 Quotables – Week 17 (Results)

Good run with Quotables this season, all. Between losing our main joke-butts (fans at games) and dealing with the mental anguish that is the present day, I'd like to come down from my ivory tower for a moment and just pay my sincerest gratitude and express the great levels of

2020 Quotables – Week 16 (Results)

Quiet week here from the peanut gallery. Guess you all really don't care all about Quotables Greatness which, like the Pro Bowl, is really a matter of being available and healthy enough to suit up than much of anything else (maybe name recognition?). Screw it, you're just gonna get clubbed

2020 Quotables – Week 16 (Submissions)

As of the publishing of this, I should be back-2-back fantasy football champion. So, I guess you could say 2020 has been alright. ::Checks that three-martini lunch tax break was included in Covid relief bill:: Yes, a good year indeed. Anyways, this is the penultimate Quotables of the 2020 regular season. So, if

2020 Quotables – Week 15 (Results)

Merry Christmas to all! No, that's an overstatement. Seasons Greetings to all! Again, no. Greeting and salutations, readers? Ugh -- just no spirit coming from me this year. BUT I did take care of your Quotables results below. And since this MAY be operating at your mid-day open thread, I'll do