A Bottle of Luck

INT. DIVE BAR, DECEMBER 1971 - NIGHT A crowd of middle-aged men sit on stools in front of a long mahogany bar.  A bartender stands placidly, occasionally moving to refill an empty mug from a series of taps featuring familiar American macrobrews.  Behind the bar, a single television broadcasts Monday Night

Tales from the Kicked

Exterior, an old and rickety mansion. Cobwebs cling to crevices that cover creaking corners. Of course, the night is dark and stormy. Lightning cracks through the air, breaking through the darkness to reveal glimpses of prying eyes from fauna and who knows what else.  On the front stoop, a slight

The Devil and Hue Jackson (Part 2)

Part 1 --- "Good morning, Huey Jackson, it's time to rise and grind." The Devil's words come penetratin' into Hue's wrecked mind. So Hue sets down Mike Brown's laundry, cause that's his job these days, In addition to designin' passes for Andy Dalton to throw away. "Wake up, Sunshine!" the Devil laughs. "It's time to break

The Trading Card of Josh McCown

Chapter 1: The draft room in Phoenix was filled with the stale odor of cigarettes, Old Spice and cheap liquor, and when the time came to make the call to New York, there came through the room the additional smell of anticipation mixed with fear. Would they finally get it right

A “Case” of Evil.

* image via interior Vikings locker room fall 2017. Case Keenum sits at his locker preparing for the 2017 season opener. Sam Bradford approaches. Sam: "Hey Case! Whatup?" Case: "Hey 'Hi-Beam' how you doing?" Sam: "Feeling good, man. I'm ready for the season to start. I don't think I've ever felt healthier or more prepared

Something Wicked This Way Comes…

This is just a reminder that Halloween is only one week away, and with it, our annual collection of SPOOKY NFL STORIES!  Here are some of the classics from previous years. In 2015, the theme was "Spooky Texans Stories": I WOULD LIKE A SELFIE by WCS In the Dome of Dementia by Pickettscharge Don't Turn on

The Terrible Old Man

It was the design of Sam Wyche and David Shula and Bruce Coslet to call on the Terrible Old Man. This old man dwells all alone in a very ancient house on Hawkins Ridge Lane, on a hill near the Ohio River, and is reputed to be both exceedingly rich


INT. A DARK ROOM - NIGHT A large man sits in a dark room, in the center of a ring of burning candles.  In his hands he holds an ornate puzzle box, which, once solved, can unleash arcane secrets and bestow mystical powers upon its possessor. . . . . .