Your MXC Monday Evening Open Thread

The episode means something different to Bill Parcells. NFL Nuggets: Ryan Leaf was arrested on domestic battery charges in Palm Desert on Friday - just FOUR MILES from my mom's house!  Given that ESPN has the coverage on it's front page, I'm guessing his analyst's job is now available for

Your “They Don’t Come For The Innocent, As None Exist Here” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: DeSean Jackson is done for the year, opting to get core muscle surgery to solve whatever's ailing him. According to Doug Pederson, what had been a small abdominal tear has turned into the muscle tearing completely off the bone. Also done for the year? Cam Newton, who has

Your “Knock It Off; It Ain’t Happening” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: There is talk again of expanding replay and making Pass Interference reviewable, like it is in the CFL. It was a totally on-the-table already discussion and not a spur decision brought on by a horrendous call made on Sunday. No sir. Annnnnnnnnnnd now there's a lawsuit demanding a