I was scanning the weekend crossword for my mother-in-law yesterday when I accidentally saw  the weekend "Family Circus" cartoon. I didn't want to look - the "funnies" haven't been good since "Bloom County" left. But it was on the opposite page from what I had to scan, so there it was. It

My quest to spend all weekend intoxicated continues apace. Time out was taken to doing the gardening chores today, but that just meant "hard work" beers, which were "Trash Panda IPAs". A tad heavy, but since I was done for the day I didn't much care. They were cold, in my

Or, your Day 2 of the May Canadian Holiday Weekend Open Thread. Today we decided to take advantage of the relaxed restrictions to invite some friends over for dinner & drinks. The great thing about the three day weekend is that you can Sunday drink with no ramifications. (I realize most

So, one of the fun things about the apocalypse was the fact that I didn't have to go anywhere or do anything. Aside from doing my job, I didn't have to interact with any other members of the human race outside of my immediate family. But our washing machine broke. I

Your “It’s Not The Sharks You Have To Worry About” Sunday Evening Open Thread

Summer finally arrived in Vancouver. But thanks to the rain earlier this week, most of the beaches - including Ambleside, near my house - are closed due to elevated e.coli counts. While it's fun to blame it on the rain https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BI5IA8assfk and the associated runoff of animal fæces,  in the case of Ambleside it

Your “The Cross You Bear Is Only The Beginning” Easter Sunday Evening Open Thread

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ha5jJ0sLfUI If all went well this weekend, I am currently driving home from Seattle. If it didn't, I'm eating chicken fingers in my fat pants & watching the Star Wars marathon on Showcase. Speaking of fat pants, the banner pic is from the Sweet Jeϟus Ice Cream Shoppe in Toronto. They have a