Instant Hippo Thoughts and Wild Card 4 of 6, Bitches! Game Thread

There were three fixtures played yesterday.  Well, two fixtures and a woodchipper feeding. [Closed Captioning for the Hard of Hippo provided by the Church of the Immaculate Deception, Rev. E. Mayhem] Humps [Colts] and Bills [Wooooooo!] was actually quite compelling.  [Woooooooooooo!] You had two analytics-friendly coaches, who had the bollocks that

The Team No One Wants to Play

Titans fever is raging. Kicker Stephen Gostkowski recovered from crippling yips after missing four kicks and an XP in Week One, and has kicked deciders in all games so far. Of greater concern to opponents: ruthless DL Jeffery Simmons, QB Tannehill spraying passes all over, and a virulent home atmosphere.

Facts Crush Precious Delusions: 2019 Titans Bye Report

My Titans preview was an unhinged mash note to Marcus Mariota. I stand by it. Emotional stability is not a personal goal. The good news are that Tennessee is 5-5, which ain’t insurmountable in the AFC playoff race, and Mariota enters Week 12 healthy. And rested AF. [shakes head, lights cig] It was

You Philistines Don’t Deserve Marcus MarioTa – Titans 2019 Preview

A lot to unpack there! First, hey Fox: fuck you for the misspelling. I’m gonna speculate that the graphics guy was an older feller who thought “Sounds like Torretta, Ruthless Posse WOOO”, and didn’t name check out of self-satisfaction (“I can’t be racist, I know Italians!”). Too much? Listen, you misspell

2018 Titans at the Bye: A Scientific Evaluation, with Science

[Banner via Dave Rappoccio @DrawPlayDave] The season was promising for Tennessee. The Titans had a solid offensive line, decent young receivers with promise, OK defense with quality pass rushing prospects, and had a top secondary that seemed improved by CB Malcolm Butler. At RB, runaway tank Derrick Henry would be complemented

The Makeover: 2018 Titans Preview

Late last season, the consensus was that the Titans’ weak spot was coaching. It was reasonable: when Tennessee won, it was ugly and against bad teams. The offense was inefficient and very predictable. Even a serious professional, like TE Delanie Walker, said that players had to “overcome coaching” after a

Titans Bye Report: In The Mix

There was a tangible preseason buzz about the Titans, and I called them a chic sandwich in the preview. The present state is a wholly different reality. The hip AFC South team is THE TEXANS, thanks to DeShaun Watson. Hell, even the Jaguars, who have ZERO prime time games scheduled

Monday Night Feast! Colts @ Titans Open Thread

Both teams are 2-3, and fill the bottom half of the lowest wattage division in the NFL. Luck is out. Mariota (hamstring - questionable) says he'll go--i.e., Cassel is definitely in the mix. But enough table-setting. This is my  position on "Pfft, baseball's on" taeks: Artist's lesss handome conception via IND-TEN is

Two Word Review: Chic Sandwich – Titans 2017 Preview

Last year the Titans finished 9-7, and have been generating buzz ever since. Since February, I've been reading that they're expected to win the AFC South this season. The offensive linemen became celebrities thanks to a Stanley Cup run by the Predators and catfish fetishists: Even schedule makers are complicit in