It Will Be OK Eventually

I tried to get a “Wednesday Motivational” out of TWBS through a séance with my santero neighbors. Turns out the oracle (turtle) only knew Spanish. And, I was too high to translate. Sorry, I’m an atheist; had to take the edge off my snark to make it out alive. Still, it’s Wednesday,

It's Saturday night, so you know what that means?! Cartoons! Okay look - there's not a lot on these days. So I figured, why not go deep down some rabbit hole & find a historical artifact that, when viewed with today's eyes, seems wildly out of place, and the act of just

Request Line: Dude.

INT. RECORDING STUDIO - DAY The PRODUCER sits at the control panel, gazing into the booth with a thousand yard stare.  DJ 3000 is in his usual location against the wall.  The mood is very somber.  The lights on DJ 3000 start to flash with increasingly frequency, and then are joined