DFO Radio: A Greening to Remember

Good morning*!  I hope you all had a splendid weekend.  Mine was pleasant enough - I built an outdoor cabinet in 90 degree heat and then went to a pair of barbecues.  Thanks to them only having 1 beer** at the first and me not being able to FIND the

Request Line: A Greening To Remember (Part 1)

EXT. STREETS OF CULVER CITY - EARLIER TRENT GREEN sits behind the wheel of a top-end rental car.  His cellphone is sitting inside the cup holder in the console and is connected to the dashboard by a USB cable.  He drives straight down a major thoroughfare, looking curiously at various businesses

Request Line: A Greening to Remember (Part 2)

INT. RADIO STATION LOBBY - EARLIER A man stands in front of the reception desk at KDFO, looking around blankly.  A cheerful young receptionist is seated behind the desk, and she smiles at him. RECEPTIONIST: Can I help you? TRENT: I sure hope so. My name's Trent Green, former professional NFL quarterback. [flashes

Request Line: A Greening to Remember (Part 3)

INT. RECORDING STUDIO - EARLIER A pair of radio professionals and a large piece of electronic equipment are gathered outside the recording booth, both of the humans sipping coffee as they chat aimlessly.   CONNOR, THE INTERN: ...and you can't possibly get any more vanilla than that.  But you've got berry, and... TRENT

Request Line: A Greening to Remember (Part 4)

INT. RECORDING STUDIO - DAY TRENT GREEN sits in front of a microphone, glancing around the room with some trepidation, taking in his surroundings. He reaches up, feeling a set of headphones covering his ears. He glances up to see the PRODUCER tapping on the glass of the studio window. PRODUCER: [through

Trent Green Encounters a Mirror

[Trent Green is singing and dancing alone in his room] Trent: [Singing] Da-nana, naaaa nanana... HEY! Dana-nana... Trent: Oh, hi there handsome. Say, I haven't seen you around here before. How are you? I'm great, thanks for asking! [Trent smiles and waves at the mirror] Trent: Wow, you're really good at doing the same

How to Improve our Country – Part 1

I was reading Old School Zero's komment on the AFL Beat post about sports holidays and that gave me an idea.  Consider this the first of an occasional series on how we can improve our country.  Today, I present to you two revolutionary concepts:  Concept the First: Stop naming schools after

On Trent Green

Man, just thinking about Trent Green at all makes me laugh. We've been making basically the same joke about him for so long that when I see a Trent Green joke, or make one, it's like I'm not just seeing or making that one Trent Green joke, I'm seeing or