Tucson, Ch 6: Never Settle

The University of Arizona, for all intents and purpose, is Tucson, Arizona's claim to fame. The university is the city's largest employer and, as a member of the illustrious Pac-12 athletic conference, the school brings the most press to southern Arizona simply via the broadcast of its sports teams. More

Tucson, Ch. 5: El Rio & GCU

A quick Spanish lesson for you Canadian types here: Rio Nuevo translates to New River and is the name of the downtown revitalization initiative introduced in Chapter 3. El Rio translates to The River and is the name of one of Tucson City Golf's four remaining municipal golf courses. El Rio exists

Tucson, Ch. 4: Primary

We've talked quite a bit here about the history of Tucson, Arizona and how foolish they would be ever to sit down with the piranhas that are NFL negotiators regarding the foolish half-cocked Alazona proposal that was briefly floated to fill dormant offseason news cycles that, before signing their extension

Tucson, Ch. 3: Rio Nuevo Intro

I was in Tucson a few weeks back for work and met up on 4th Avenue with a friend of mine. 4th Ave is Tucson's little off-campus bar strip. It's got head shops, some eateries, and plenty of bars. It's a thing people in Tucson do, "Heading down to 4th."