Your “Nope, I Was Wrong” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

Today is slower than yesterday. NFL News: Mike Tomlin is not a fan of touchdown celebrations. This is apparently news. Given how many timeouts he has to waste on extra points, I can see why. He wouldn't have that problem if he had Hue Jackson's team. Michael Bennett turned himself in

Is this a Catch?

With High Priest Blandino proclaiming that the current catch "rule" in place in the NFL will most likely not be revised, it looks like it's up to the Commentist Party to decide. With scant action going on in the league (wait the Combine is going on?) I miss debating obvious

…but was it a catch?

(Some Sunday Night in the near future) Al: Stafford drops back, looks, and fires one out… Calvin Johnson grabs it and runs out of bounds! Cris: Athletic play by Megatron… that was one of those throws only he seems to be able to find. Al: We now go to review, as any play