Paranormal Wattivity….. Your 2019 Texans Preview

The Scene: a Dark Room, what kind of room, you may ask? A room that would be at an NFL facility.  Just use your imagination...   A hooded figure sits at the Ouija Board, slowly moving the little magnifying glass thingy, apparently trying to divulge its secrets...     "Oh little magnifying glass thingy, tell

2018 Houston Texans/500s Team Preview: Teenage Wasteland

A Familar tune begins to play....     Out here in the fields     I fight for my meals     I broke my back for my living     I don't need to fight, to prove I'm right     I shouldn't have apologized for being asked to be forgiven....       Hello all, welcome to Brocky's preview of the 2018 Houston Texans' season.  You no