Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Da Kine Grinds

Good morning everyone! Welcome back. Damn glad to have you stopping by for your weekly Gravy addiction fix. We do indeed have another recipe with real goddamn gravy today and I think you'll like this one. Today's recipe is entry level simple but at the same time crowd pleasing and more than

A Confidence is Lost

banner image via {Exterior, Coach Mike Zimmer's ranch in Northern Kentucky} [Door Flies Open] Coach Zimmer: "Hey everybody, I'm home!" Maria: "Hi Coach! Welcome home!" Beansie: "EEEEEKK!" CZ: "Man, it's good to be home but I tell ya, I wouldn't mind being in Miami right now doing some game prep." Maria: "You know Coach. You had a

So this Christmas thing is staring us right in the face Sunday Night Football Open Thread.

Greetings festive Festive-makers! It's your old friend and food guy, yeah right here giving our own Scotchy a much needed holiday respite. There are some rumours floating about something with a high speed chase, Canadian Royal Mounted Police and DNA evidence but I'm gonna assume it was over imbibing in the Ol'

THE ROAD to Area 51

banner image via He carefully checked the expansive sky for signs of rain as he loaded the saddlebags on his Harley. The gun was probably not necessary since the last live human he saw had been over 4 months ago. Out here in the desert though? Probably best to be safe. The