The DFO Interview: Drew Magary


In honor of [Door Flies Open]’s 2nd anniversary we reached back in time and reached out in person to interview one of the founding fathers of our former motherblog Kissing Suzy Kolber.

On July 10th I attended a book reading/signing in Manhattan Beach, CA. The author on hand was none other than our long lost internet baby daddy Drew Magary. Drew read a passage from his most recent book The Hike, now available in paperback at book stores and online retailers everywhere.

Editor’s note: I’ve read The Hike and found it vastly entertaining, engaging, personal and extremely readable. Do consider ordering a copy for yourselves.

After reading the book passage, Drew took the time to sign any and all books and/or other items for every person in attendance. Once the signings were complete the entire gathering retreated next door to a neighborhood bar where we were able to pound down many frosty adult beverages with Drew himself.

Drew took time to speak with every person in attendance, not just a quick “Hello” either. As long as someone engaged him in conversation he answered any and every question asked of him. I found Drew extremely approachable, very quick witted with an uncanny ability to be the focal point of the room. A very, very good dude.

During a conversation with Drew I asked if he would be interested in a quick interview for our 2nd anniversary here at DFO. Not only did he agree, he asked me to email a list of questions to him to give him time to thoroughly answer each one.

He did.


The DFO Interview with Drew Magary:


DFO: Are you familiar with

Drew “Yep!”

DFO: Would you consider it more flattery or just simply pretty goddamn weird?

Drew “Oh, flattery! I will never complain about people actively paying tribute to KSK.”

DFO: What was your favorite post that you’ve written on KSK or ever?

Drew: “My favorite KSK posts were the old Marvin and Ocho skits, that were basically inspired by the old Gervais podcasts that were glorious nonsense.”

DFO: What was your favorite post on KSK that was not written by you?

Drew: “When Mike wrote about his depression. I know that’s not a har-har post, but to me it was the best encapsulation of the condition I’d ever read.”

DFO: Favorite/least favorite Kommenters?

Drew: “OTTO MAN was our fave. We had a least favorite guy named Clint but, if memory serves, he kinda reformed and became a decent guy.”

DFO: Do you still stay in touch with other members of the KSK writing staff?

Drew: “Yeah most of them. Jack (Unsilent Majority) lives a mile away.”

DFO: Do you miss doing Fun With PK?

Drew: “Oh god, fuck no. Why do you think I quit? I can only take so many Toone P Wiggins anecdotes.”

DFO: How the everloving fuck did you do Fun With PK as long as you did?

Drew: “Right? It destroyed both my soul and Mike’s. It also was crazy popular so sometimes you suck it up for the good of THE PEOPLE.”

DFO: Favorite assignment at GQ?

Drew: “Motley Crue tour!”

DFO: How difficult was it to not punch Bieber in the face?

Drew “Not terribly difficult seeing as how I don’t like going to jail and ruining my career.”

DFO: How is Will (Leitch) doing?

Drew: “Great! We ate dinner in San fran last year and yelled at him about his takes. Good times.”

DFO: What is the best live show you’ve seen recently – or recently-ish?

Drew: “Mastodon in Silver Spring. With Russian Circles and EODM!”

editor’s note: I was wearing an Eagles of Death Metal t-shirt the night of the book signing and Drew immediately noticed and commented on it. 

DFO: What were the general reactions/attitudes after Tunison was outed and subsequently fired from WAPO?

Drew: “I mean, no one’s ever jazzed to see a friend get fired from a job. So it was half feeling bad and half being defiant and being like ‘Screw Them’ about it.”

DFO: What is the perfect bread for a breadwich?

Drew: “Levy’s Rye.”

DFO: If given the opportunity to give Tom Brady one good whack on the body, where would you choose and why?

Drew: “Scrotum. The why is self evident.”

DFO: Have you ever been a fan of a team that actually won anything? (note, as a fellow Vikings fan this was not written by me)

Drew: “YES! I was a huge Michigan fan when they won the title in 1997. Then I kinda stopped rooting for them! I guess I had gotten my fix. Or I’m a terrible fan.”

DFO: Now that Trump is president does your blogging seem too highbrow in retrospect?

Drew: “LOL probably.”

yeah right: Finally, as the resident food guy/cook at DFO if the logistics could be worked out would you be open to a mano y mano cooking throwdown with myself?

Drew: “Do I win ten grand if I beat your ass?”


This concludes the interview.

I already thanked him but I wanted to thank Drew again for taking the time out to answer our questions for the anniversary interview, especially since he’s knee deep in “Why Your Team Sucks” for the next several weeks.

Drew is easily the primary reason that I became a regular KSK reader and Kommenter and I still make the effort to read any and all of his work to this day.

One final note: As you regular readers probably know Drew is a “Chopped” champion which is why I asked him the final question about a cooking throwdown.

If one of you crazy bastards wants to do a Kickstarter or GoFundMe to make this happen I am fully the fuck in with the idea. I think that would be goddamn amazing.
Sunday Gravy will return at it’s regular time next week.
Now back to the 2nd anniversary festivities.

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yeah right is a lifelong Vikings fan. He is into self denial and still harbors hope. Loves to cook, read and drink. But he doesn't plate.
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Yeah right would kick Drew’s ass at Chopped.


This is fucking awesome. Thanks.

Drew is a “Chopped” champion

comment image

[…] seeing that as a shout-out to his interview with Yeah Right‘s interview with Drew last […]


great stuff.

drew is the cynical yet intelligent older brother i wish i had.

instead of one intelligent brother of which i have limited contact with,

.and one brother who has the cynicism, but not the intelligence.

Darkest Timeline Zack Morris

Fantastic work here.

King Hippo

Both “The Hike” and “The Postmortal” were incredibly layered, deeper than expected reads. Very impressive opening novels for anyone, let alone a dick-joker like ourselves (even the king of same).

I highly recommend ordering both off Amazon and letting Drew bathe in the nickels he surely receives in royalty payments.


“OTTO MAN was our fave…”

I’m just using this as further proof of my tinfoil hate theory that Otto Man was indeed Hillary Clinton!


Or… donald trump? I’ll always stick to my original hypothesis: John Titor.


How can you not like a guy who “loves to get blotto”?


This could be an on-going series:Prominent Sports Blog Personalities-Where Are They Now?

If you’re willing to visit all of the soup kitchens in Florida in order to find him, I’d like to see an interview with AJ Daulerio.


Gonna have to catch him during his 10 minute break at the Wawa.


Fun Fact: before I moved to Virginia I heard my cousins say they were going to Wawa and I just thought it was their weird nickname for Wallmart… To be fair my cousins are pretty f’ing weird, to begin with.


It’s also a town in Ontario!

comment image


I definitely miss the Peter King takedowns but those must have been just agony to do. I do not miss some of the kommenters who were complete asses, that and Feks images, who is a good follow on twitter btw


His twitter feed is happily free of surprise penis


Miss Nat Turner? just head to Reddit and post “Tom Brady is an alright QB” and feel the hate flowing towards you.


Miss Nat Turner: what Jefferson Davis made his wife call him on pegging night.


Turn off your lights, look in the mirror, and repeat “Tomlin is better than Cowher” three times if you’d like to summon him.


Or just visit T_D for pure, undiluted racism.


DFO: Now that Trump is president does your blogging seem too highbrow in retrospect?

Drew: “LOL probably.”


Marvin: The American presidency is not a fucking reality show.

Ocho: Agreed. But it could be.

Marvin: But it isn’t.

Ocho: But it could be…


/seriously, I forgot how fucking great those Marvin/Ocho posts were.

Marc Trestmans Windowless Van

Nice hustle on the edit. It worked with just the 2 lines of quotes before but is a fuller comment now

/ slaps on the ass hard

Spanky Datass


King Hippo

That was the single thing that made me laugh the hardest in site history.


I’m really fucking disappointed that I don’t remember ever seeing those. I have audio copies of every single Ricky Gervais podcast which really makes me want to see them. Are they archived any where besides that… that… fucking place?


They really were magnificent. Nobody could possibly do a better job of capturing Marvin Lewis’ exasperation than Drew did.

Marc Trestmans Windowless Van

And because Eagles of Death Metal were mentioned

Marc Trestmans Windowless Van

My first article that got me hooked on KSK back in the day


Same here




From 2006:

Sexy Rexy’s got the arm. The dragon. You gotta unleash the dragon.

Somebody get a warrant for George R.R. Martin’s internet history, we got a lawsuit a-brewin.
On second thought, maybe let this one go.

King Hippo



Throwing out a Sex Cannon reference used to be my way of gauging commenters on Chicago blogs.




Either Drew is fucking brilliant about controlling his image to a level most people could never actually do or the guy has remained pretty well fucking grounded and centered.

I sure as shit don’t know how Drew does it because I will be honest, I would be like most people have have no fucking patience at all for anyone to interact with me. I would never be able to handle just random people walking up and expecting me to be “on” all the time as the character that they think I am.

Fuck I get pissed off when I am visiting family back in Baltimore and some fucking townie interrupts our dinner because he or she thinks we went to some class together in high school.

Low Commander of the Super Soldiers

comment image

Don T

Magary’s great. Excelleny scoop, YR.

Horatio Cornblower

I would absolutely contribute to a fund to make that cook-off happen, but all my investment money is currently tied up in some shady Puerto Rican operation.

Don T

* lost forever

There, fixed. You’re welcome.

Horatio Cornblower

I’dve been better off investing in your goddamn island utility bonds…

Don T

Hey! It’s an archipelago.


Maybe you guys go too hard on Peter King…

Low Commander of the Super Soldiers

I see the down vote button isn’t currently operational…


Yeah, what’s up with that???


comment image


A classic Orwellian tactic: if you remove negativity from the language, you eventually remove it from thought, and eventually from society.


Because of Orwell, I eat more bacon… because I learned that if you don’t kill the pigs they will rise up against you and create an authoritarian regime that Trump dreams about at night.


Because of Orwell I have a nickname for my penis, MiniLove


He’s familiar with DFO? That means he could be watching us, right now.
comment image


Drew did have an easter egg nod towards us when he talked about Caldwell hiding with a lampshade over his head.